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      Something we often see when clients bring us drawings to formalize, is that certain figures were objected to by the Patent Office, for reasons that technically could apply to other figures in the application, as well. The question then is, which of the drawings should actually be redrawn: only the figures that were specifically objected to, or all of the figures possessing the specified type of informality? View example office objection and read between red arrows. Link will open in new tab.

      In discussions with the patent office, it was made clear that only the figures specifically mentioned in the patent office objection need to be corrected. Frequently, this makes no sense: a figure might exist that was not mentioned specifically, but contains the same rule violations as the figure(s) objected to. Almost all the time, the patent office accepts the revision(s) for the mentioned figures, if done correctly.

      When preparing drawing for a response to office objections, we inform our clients that we will only correct the figures mentioned in the office objection. If figures are not mentioned in the office objection but clearly contain rule infractions, we will mention this to our clients but also say that we will not correct unless requested.

      Many of our clients chose to formalize all drawings in a patent application, whether objected to or not. Ideally, every new invention or design should be described and recorded as thoroughly and understandably as they can be: clean, formal drawings are a large part of that. It also presents a more professional appearance to the reader.

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