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Gallagher’s Patent Drafting
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At Gallagher’s Patent Drafting, we specialize in the preparation of Patent Drawings, with a focus on Design Patents. We draw upon the staff’s formal training in diverse areas such engineering and fine arts. For over twenty-eight years, working as a team, we have produced patent drawings for all types

of inventions: consumer goods, mechanical devices, processes and procedures. We create clear, concise, customized patent illustrations for numerous law firms, businesses, academic institutions, consumer product companies, and individual inventors. We receive patent drawing orders from most of the greater Boston area intellectual property law firms. We are growing into a national service from our current client base of over 200 intellectual property professionals. We will gladly work with you regardless of your location. Gallagher’s Patent Drafting is located in Quincy, Massachusetts, a major part of Metropolitan Boston. Our office is a convenient walk from the North Quincy train station on the MBTA Red Line.

All our services are completed within the borders of the United States of America. Using our services for drawings might avoid violation of US law for patents filed in the USA, as export control laws require that a license be obtained prior to the export of certain technologies (even if no patent application is filed), or bar their export altogether. See our posting “Are You Sending IP Work Out of the Country” in our Patent Illustration Forum for additional information. Questions? Please feel free to contact us for any reason. We are interested in hearing from you to discuss your needs and what we can do to help. We will gladly provide an estimate for the cost and time to complete your project. In other words, we want your business and are ready to work for you!

Gallagher's Patent Drafting