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Sending Us Work

Two Ways To Send Work

Most of the work we receive is sent to us as an email file attachment at the address given below. This is a shared inbox which is monitored by all employees. If the files are larger than 25 megabytes, we recommend using the online ordering form, also below, that allows files up to two gigabytes to be transferred. If a larger transfer capacity needed, contact us and we can share a Google Drive folder.

We always send a confirmation of receipt for work sent to us so you know we have it. We typically receive PDF [*.PDF] files as they are preferred to other file types such as Microsoft Word [*.DOC] or PowerPoint [*.PPT]. This to avoid any possible confusion resulting from different versions of software formatting information inconsistently which a PDF file will not do. Should a PDF file not be available, we will work with what is provided. Also, providing the Patent Office notice can be very helpful.

Normal turn-around time is 10 business days for the first draft. If you need faster service our Pricing And Scheduling has information about expedited rates.

Online Ordering Form

* Normal Turn-around Time Is Approximately 10 Business Days *

2 Gigabyte Maximum File Size.   You will receive a confirmation email from one of our employees after order submission.


* Please Refresh page if you encounter any errors or wish to send a second order after sending the first one. *

Ordering Patent Drawings Using E-Mail

Our address:




Maximum file size: 25 megabytes The Order Form Template to the right can be copied and pasted into your email if desired.


Email Subject: Patent Drawing Order

Your Name:

Your Case Number:

Your Expedited Date (Optional):

Your Filing Date (Optional):

This is a: New Case
Please prepare: All New Formal Drawings

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