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Proper Formatting of Design Patent Drawings

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      This post only describes the format that illustrations should follow for filing design patents electronically via the WIPO International Design System (Hague System). It does not discuss specifics of the views but only how they should be processed once complete. Like a filing at the USPTO, typically seven views are done, providing views of the device from all angles. Unlike the USPTO, which accepts Adobe Acrobat files, the WIPO requires raster images in separate computer files, one file for each view of the device. The following is a link that provides additional information about this process in general: http://www.wipo.int/hague/en/how_to/file/prepare.html

      For internal use at Gallagher’s Patent Drafting, below is the shorthand version of the requirements for each computer file:
      Image format: JPEG (identified by file extension jpg)
      Resolution: 300 dpi
      Image size at 300 dpi: 3 cm x 3 cm (minimum) to 16 cm x 16 cm (maximum)
      Maximum file size: 2 Megabytes
      Image format: Grayscale for line art or grayscale images; RGB if color present
      Border: Between 1 and 20 pixels

      The image files of each view of the device are created as JPEG’s without any identifying legends or text in the image. Each file is given a file name based on the view it represents as listed below. An underscore should not be used in the file name.


      If it is desired to provide other views of the device, a description of the view will be added to the file name (i.e. View_1.8_Front_Right_Perspective.jpg). It is our understanding that figure legends and other identifying information, similar to the above, are added to the image files by the WIPO based on information supplied at the time of filing.

      In summation, we will provide to our clients typically seven views of the device contained in seven JPEG computer files. At the time of filing, the views will be labeled as controlled by the online filing system at the WIPO.

      Examples of filed patents can be viewed at the Hague Express Database, link below.



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