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DISCLAIMER: Gallagher’s Patent Drafting specializes in patent drafting, not patent law, and as such, none of our commentary here should be construed as legal advice. Rather, we want to share our insights into the practical aspects of preparing patent drawings based on our experience. Please feel free to post any questions or concerns you may have and we will answer to the best of our abilities.


Many changes have occurred in the patent illustration field and at the United States Patent Office (USPTO) since I started this business in 1987.  It wasn’t easy at that time (and even today in this digital age), to become informed of these changes as they occurred. It seems the best source of information is still people talking to one another.  To expand upon this idea, we have decided to start this forum.

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We’ll be posting our insights and observations about the patent illustration business, and dealing with the rules and regulations at the USPTO and PCT which concern patent drawings. We welcome your participation by sharing your experiences and observations and hope this can be a learning experience for all who participate. If you prefer, we can be contacted via email at Info@GPDcorp.com

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