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Useful Web Links

General Patent Publications For Informed Reading
Intellectual Property Law Server – General Information About IP Law, Articles published by IP Professionals, Forums
IPWatchdog – At IPWatchdog.com our focus is on the business, policy and substance of patents
IPFrontline – Daily Intellectual Property World News Site
WIPO Magazine – Explores IP, Creativity And Innovation Across The World
Design Patent School – Articles published by Intellectual Property Today
Google search for Patent News
Inventors Eye   Bimonthly publication by the USPTO for the independent inventor community
Inventors Digest “The Magazine for Idea People”

Miscellaneous Links
Gallaghers Patent Drafting Blank Non-Disclosure Form Download, Edit With Your Information And Return For Our Signature
Adobe Acrobat Free Reader; Obtain the Reader for receiving patent drawings via e-mail
Inventors’ Association of New England (IANE)  Public Meetings held at MIT in Cambridge, MA 

USPTO Publications
A Guide to Filing a Utility Patent Application
A Guide to Filing a Design Patent Application
Guide for the Preparation of Patent Drawings 2002
Guide for Patent Draftsman 1980
General Information Concerning Patents [PDF]

US Patent and Trademark Office
General Information Concerning Patents from USPTO Web site
USPTO – United States Patent and Trademark Office – Getting Started
Patents Guidance, Tools & Manuals
37 CFR 1.84 Standard for U.S. Patent Drawings
MPEP – Manual of Patent Examining Procedure
United States Patent Search

Patent Cooperation Treaty
PCT – Patent Cooperation Treaty – General Information Page
PCT FAQs – Nice Diagram Explaining PCT Structure
Drawing Requirements For The PCT

International Patent Offices Links
WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization Index of Office Sites Around the World
WIPO – Hague – The International Design System
IP Australia – Australian Government
EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property Office

Filing PDF Files At the USPTO Using EFS-Web
EFS-Web PDF Guidelines
PDF Creation for EFS-Web