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Does Office Action Apply To Only One Figure Or Similar Ones?

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    Q: In the below office action we received, it says “See Figure(s) 2” After looking over the drawings in the case, there are other figures that appear to have the same issue that FIG. 2 has. We are not sure if the patent office reference to FIG. 2 is only to show an example of the rule infraction so that we can correct similar figures in the case or we need only correct FIG. 2. Please comment.

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    A: You only need to correct the figures that are mentioned in the office action. So, specifically for this case, you only need to correct FIG. 2. We see this quite frequently where a specific figure or figures is mentioned and the one beside it has the same type of issue. We just correct the figure mentioned: we have not received a request to correct similar figures to date.

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